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Previously named Hana Poke
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Poke is a raw fish salad typically served as an appetizer in Hawaiian Cuisine. It is usually considered as the hamburger of Hawaii. The word “poke”, sometimes stylized Poké to aid pronunciation, means “section” or “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian. Poke originally began with fisherman simply adding some seasoning to their catch to eat as a snack at work. However, poke can be made in variety of different ways due to the large influx of Asian culture into the Hawaiian Islands.


Poke now has evolved into a main course where individuals incorporated different types of fish such as salmon or yellowtail, etc, and different choice of toppings like avocado or seaweed salad, etc. Since 2012 when poke started to become popular in the mainland United States, an increasing number of poke restaurants have been creating traditional as well as unique, modern versions of this dish.


We started our first Hanaya Poke (previously named Hana Poke) in South Texas. We have three locations under operation in Texas and Utah. The name change was due to trademark restrictions. Our Hanaya Poke concept was inspired by the traditional poke culture. We innovate the culture with made-to-order rice or salad bowl and machine pressed burritos in different flavor combinations. There are hundreds of possibilities and flavor creations waiting for you to discover with 7 unique signature bowls & burritos and a fully customizable selection. Meanwhile, we added a good selection of hand-brewed tea & coffee drinks to our menu. We strive to change the fast food experience to meet the needs of this generation. Our commitment is to bring healthy and quality food to the community by proudly serving our version of Hawaiian style poke bowls, Asian inspired sushi burritos, and tea & coffee drinks.

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